4 Tips to Improve User Experience on Your Website

4 Tips to Improve User Experience on Your Website

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Is your website suffering from a very high abandonment and bounce rate? Are analytics and customer surveys suggesting consistent customer chaff and high churn rate? It may be a problem with the usability of your website. One way to find out is to conduct a usability test.

Website usability has become a hot topic today thanks to the proliferation of companies dependent on the internet for sales. The constantly changing social landscape requires informed and innovative marketing efforts. Your website must be the bedrock of such efforts. This is where website UX comes in.

Now that we’ve agreed that improving your website’s UX can improve your conversion rates, it is time to improve it. Here are four tips for the same.

Is your website responsive? Designing different websites for different devices could be difficult. Instead if you can build a single website which is responsive, it would automatically adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Google has announced its plan to penalize websites for lack of responsiveness by assigning lower ranking scores. (Source: mobilemarketingengine). Other search engines may soon follow suit. This will push your website down the SERP and affect your website traffic.

Is the loading time too high? A website which is too slow to load can invalidate all your other efforts. The bounce rate can be very high. At the same time, if you don’t optimize the loading speed of your website, there is a fair chance that lead generation and conversion rates might decline.

Are you using images, color and white space strategically? Images are important for a website because it helps to break the monotony. Studies have shown that visitors connect with an image much quicker than they can interpret a copy. But are the images consistent with the copy?

Is it too gaudy? Does it feel superfluous? You will have to use images which tell a story and establish a link with the visitors. Put them at the right focal points. Using the right color combination for contrast is important and can help in lead generation. White space plays a similar role and helps to get rid of clutter. It helps the visitor to focus on the all important CTA(s).

Is your website easily navigable? It is the need of the hour to use intuitive navigation to improve user experience. Use the company logo on the top of each page and link it to the home page. Use primary navigation options at the top and follow it up with secondary navigation options below it or along the side margins. Embed a well designed site map at the top or bottom of the page and link the page to your blog(s) and other landing pages. Have an option for social sharing.

It is dangerous to neglect the UX issues of your website. It will take the sheen of your marketing efforts and have a devastating impact on your business. Apply these tips to enjoy the benefits immediately.