Black Jacket Suiting

Recently we proudly re-designed and launched Black Jacket Suiting –

Black Jacket Suiting is a Multi-Award Winning Men’s Suits Shop down in Bulimba. I’ve been there many times now, but I remember the first time. Man, it was classy, prestigious, and somehow welcoming all in one. They had an incredible site…. But, they also had this.

It was built in Squarespace, and like most sites, they look great at the time but this one aged quickly.

Ryan (the founder) has an incredible vision and mission for his business and his website was not able to get him there. When he first approached us here were some of the important things their company was looking for:

  • A new clean and unique style guide that portrays Trust, Sophistication, Confidence, Luxury and Friendliness.
  • Consistent styling across all pages
  • A full-featured blog
  • eCommerce capabilities with credit card integrations
  • Highly customized product and order pages – where users can book an appointment directly from the product page
  • Users need to be able to create an account and save their measurements in the website’s database so every time they order a suit, they won’t have to remeasure.
  • Galleries with Instagram integrations
  • Unique Measurement forms so users can easily get their own measurements and submit them.
  • 6 specific landing pages for each product offering.
  • Full booking integration with some appointments being pay in advance

Regardless of who builds your website, if you miss this step your website will fail.

This is a step that most new businesses miss. There are 1.8 Billion websites in the world and almost half of them get NO traffic!

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In addition to these requirements, we were working with an SEO firm who had already spent years optimising their website for traffic. This firm had been doing a creative job and traffic was hitting their site! The problem was the site wasn’t converting. One of our challenges was to build a website that would not only convert well, but we needed to avoid any negative impact on existing search engine rankings.

This was a wonderful project to be involved in and everyone involved was ecstatic with the results.  Here are some images from the project. If you want to see the new site you can visit it here: