Five Web Design Best Practices to Boost Growth and Conversions

Five Web Design Best Practices to Boost Growth and Conversions

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A website is crucial for businesses and it is directly related to growth. On the opposite end, improper web design can seriously hinder customers from taking your services. recently released statistics based on research from multiple sources on the question.

The research found that users will leave if the content layout is unattractive, if images take too long to load and if websites are not appropriately customized for mobiles. All of these statistics are related to web design. So it is clear that, users value design before they look into the site further. Here are 5 web design practices that are a must for any good website:

  • Call-To-Action – Make sure your website has a clear call to action on the home page of your website. This could include signing up, subscribe buttons, demos and other actions that a user should ideally take. The CTA acts as your final communication with the customer and it has to compel them to take action. Make sure the CTA button is provocative, easy to read and understand. Use powerful words in your CTA and don’t hold back on the emotional aspect either.
  • Balance it Out – A good website is one that strikes a balance between looks and functionality. Make your website look eye-catching in terms of font colors, fonts, images and white space. All of this aesthetic tuning will help first time visitors navigate your website with ease. Don’t forget that your website needs to look just as beautiful on mobile, otherwise visitors will turn away.
  • White Space – Web pages aren’t newspapers – you don’t have to stuff every corner with images and content. Good designers know that a certain amount of white space is required in every design to balance out the spacing. The white space makes it pleasant for the readers to view and examine each element without getting distracted.
  • Speed – No one likes slow websites. If your competitors website is even 2 seconds faster than yours, then users will likely move to their site. The current milieu calls for instant gratification and you cannot let your competitor have the upper hand.
  • More pages, more leads – Users are bound to get suspicious if there are only 3-4 pages filled with products. Studies have shown that conversion rates are better for websites that have more pages. This allows to get as much information as they need and you can spread out content more freely. The general pages are as follows; Home, Products, Pricing, Blog, About Us and Contact. All of these can have sub-pages under them for different purposes.

Bad web design hinders the opportunities both you and the customers get. This will consequently affect your leads and sales so it is important to focus on it. If you’re unsure how to go about it, consult your local graphic designers in Brisbane.