Hello from the Past

I think it’s time to get a blog up and running.

I’ve built more blogs for other people than I can count. I’ve also been reading blogs for years so it can’t be that hard to write and maintain one… can it?

I have had blogs in the past and they have never gained a huge amount of momentum but this time I think it’s going to be different. We are all likeminded individuals with a common interest and I can sense it’s success provided we set some ground rules.

Rule number 1 – Focus

We are a growing community of creatives that are all building sites on this exciting new platform. Let’s focus our conversation around the art of designing and developing websites, and this great platform called Stacked Site. I promise not to abuse my copywriting power and write about what I have had for breakfast or anything else mundane – unless that mundanity ties directly into something that will benefit the readers life.

Rule number 2 – Nurture the community by avoiding NAPs

Everyone is a student and everyone can learn something. I will write in a way that includes everybody by avoiding NAPs – better known as ‘No Acronyms Please’. We are in a very ‘techy’ field, but that does not mean I have to write in a way that will lose everyone. Of course I’ll need to take the occasional NAP but I give you, the reader, permission to fly to Brisbane and slap me hard if I overdo the Acronyms or don’t explain them clearly first.

Rule number 3 – Respond to comments

I’ll respond as often as possible to blog comments. If you are taking the time to write them, then I’ll jump in and respond. Not only is it an opportunity to engage with you, but I am sure I (and other readers) can learn great stuff from you too.

As our community grows and contributors dive in we’ll all uphold the same core values. If you think there’s another rule we should add to this line up please let me know.

I am well aware that a new blog will not materialise a community of eager readers overnight. I am also aware that the internet will archive this historical record for seemingly ever.. and as I nudge this snowball over the edge of the hill, it could be you are reading this from the distant future. To those readers I welcome you and hope this blog has upheld it’s core values and evolved into something really remarkable.