How to Optimize SEO Without Breaking the Bank

How to Optimize SEO Without Breaking the Bank

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Pay for advertising on social media: For this, you don’t have to run a $25,000 ad campaign on Tumblr; a comparatively low investment, such as $10-$50 spent on promoting some of your best posts is enough to bring in visitors to your website, and people coming in from social media platforms is great for SEO. One company managed to get 750 new people to check out their content for just $5.

Run an SEO audit of your website: You do not have to pay SEO experts or agencies hundreds of dollars in this regard. There are plenty of free tools available online that you can use to find out what is wrong with your site, or rather what is preventing your website from achieving higher search engine rankings.

Alternatively, you could also read articles written by SEO experts, build a common database of knowledge, and use that to analyze your site yourself.

Is the content on your site engaging enough? Search engines now also factor in the time visitors spend on your website. To get more people coming in and also spending more time on your site, it might also be a good idea to link out to related articles on reputed websites (not content farms or mills).

Reach out to influencers on social media: The best way of doing this is asking them for advice regarding your product or service. It could also be done subtly, such as sharing your growth or marketing strategy with them and asking for feedback, as long as it comes within their area of expertise (they are influencers because they are experts and share their expertise on social media for free). Build relationships with them by linking out to their articles and letting them know you have done so. Most influencers then, would be happy to share on their social media pages – this brings in a rush of visitors, which is good for SEO.

Keep adding new content to your website: Every time fresh content is published on your website, it gets re-indexed. If the content is relevant to your industry or line of business, your website is ranked higher than before (especially when it is put out in an organic manner). You need not keep changing the content on your pages, all you need to do is add a blog section/page and put all your new content there. Doing this every week is what is highly recommended. If there isn’t that much happening in your industry, don’t force content to keep up with a schedule – let it happen naturally, whenever there is something new.