What Do Conversion-Focused Websites Have in Common

What Do Conversion-Focused Websites Have in Common

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Want to improve the conversion numbers on your site? Here are five principles that sites that enjoy good conversion rates use.

• Conversion-focused websites cleverly guide user through their story or service offerings, onto the CTA button. Make sure your website follows a logical eye-path, so it achieves the same. The design aesthetics should draw the visitor’s eyes to your CTA. While we are on the subject of CTA, know that having multiple CTA buttons will leave users confused. So stick to one CTA for each page.

• Users have a short attention span, and you want to convince them to buy your product/ service within a few seconds. Videos and images can be a great way to support your conversion strategy, and get them to hit that buy button. Of course, you do not want to overdo it with either of them, or visitors will be clueless as to where they are supposed to look.

• Swap a pretty website layout to one that is functional; pretty will catch the eye, but good functionality means easy usability. Make sure users can easily find what they came to your site for in the first place. A search bar and site map can make your website go a long way!

• Make sure your website load speed is fast. A slow page load speed is one of the main causes for high bounce rate. You can lazy load images so your page loads faster, and get a reliable hosting service on board, so your site speed does not lag. Visitors expect site pages to load as quickly as 3 seconds, and much faster for mobile-site pages. In fact surveys have shown that you can lose out on 11 percent of your conversion rate for each one second delay in your page load speed.

• Social proof can be a great way to build user trust in your brand. If your business is not a well-known name in the industry, you want to use other means such as testimonials and reviews from trusted sources to foster trust in visitors. Researches have shown that users trust reviews online nearly the same way they would trust recommendations from friends.

You may not be able to pinpoint what exactly is affecting your site-conversion rates, in which case you want to get in touch with a Brisbane web design agency, so they can evaluate your site and recommend changes.