Why Should You Give Particular Attention to Color While Designing Your Website?

Why Should You Give Particular Attention to Color While Designing Your Website?

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For grabbing the attention of your visitor as soon as they land on a particular page of your website, the background, foreground colors as well as the colors of the interactive elements play a tremendous role. The right color combination can create a visual treat and have a profound effect on the visitor. It will also lead them to have a more meaningful engagement with your website. This is how you can keep the bounce rate down to an acceptable level.

We all know that different colors can mean different things for different people. Psychologists have affirmed that a website color can leave an impression on the edge of subconscious of a visitor. A large number of visitors decide to stay or leave a website depending on the choice of colors used in its design.

Color selection is an important duty of a web designer because it plays a significant role in its success. People also relate a brand with certain color(s). The website should reflect that for better perceptibility of the brand and its messages. The designer should see that the colors are vibrant and sober. They should in no way be morbid or portray negativity.

It is easy to comprehend why brands associated with greenery or eco-conservation prefer to use a combination of green, brown or similar shades on their website. Red is used by websites that target children or the youth because it is associated with vivaciousness.  A color like blue makes the visitor feel welcome and safe. It immediately relaxes their nerves and engages them. It generally improves the chance that the visitor will go through the content. Psychology of colors also enunciates that black should be used for textual content in general because it is easy to read.

Your website has a certain character and identity. Use of warm colors will mean that it is optimistic and friendly. Visitors will intuitively start associating these qualities with your brand as well. But you will have to be careful with your color selection. Although some colors have a universal appeal and have a single meaning, there are others which can have different significance in different religious, cultural or social contexts. It is better to avoid such colors which can have negative connotations for certain groups.

As the owner of a website, you should have a functional understanding of the theory of colors. Optimum use of color will improve interactivity. But be warned that using too much or too little can disrupt the harmony and balance of the website template and prove to be counterproductive. Good luck with your website design!