Web Design Tricks For Higher Conversion Rates

Web Design Tricks For Higher Conversion Rates

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Your conversion rate is not just dependent on the product/service you have on offer, or the strong copy you have to back it, but also the design of your site. Here are some ways you can funnel in more visitors.


Don’t place your Call-to-action statement in the corner of a page where it is hard to find. You want your CTA to stand out against the rest of the page so the site visitor’s attention is naturally drawn to it. You want the CTA button to be placed off the grid that has the rest of the site content.

Use directional cues, if you can, to lead to your CTA button. Ideally, you do not want the user to scroll down the page to locate the CTA button, and it should be easily accessible at first glance.

Next, if you have a form that visitors have to fill to subscribe or inquire about your service then keep it short. Users will think twice if they have to fill out a long form, and it could mean lost conversions for your business.

You should know that visitors can be directed to any page on your site, and not necessarily the home page. You want to make sure that there are relevant CTA buttons placed on other site pages as well.

Keep it simple

We have all come across those sites which have a lot happening, and leave you confused as to where to look.

No doubt, you have a lot of information to convey to visitors, whether it is the customer testimonials or accolades that you have won. However, it may not work in your favor to have it all displayed on your home page.

Your home page should have a clean visual hierarchy, with the layouts logically placed and broken into different grids. Add a search bar so visitors can easily find what they came to find on your site, and a site map as well.

Trust quotient

What’s the one thing that makes or breaks user’s decision in investing in your service? The trust quotient of your business.

If your website looks unprofessional, or has broken links, the credibility of your website naturally takes a hit. Make sure your site design and content are both updated and consistent.

Don’t forget to include stories of customers and employees on the site. It can add a personal touch to an otherwise robotic site, and in turn gain the trust of users.